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George Santos Was Just Arrested After Federal Criminal Indictment—And The Charges Are...A Lot

The GOP Rep. has been indicted on more than 13 counts, including wire fraud, money laundering, and theft of public funds.

George Santos
Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

In a stunning turn of events, New York Republican Representative George Santos has been indicted on a range of charges, including embezzlement, fraud and making false statements to Congress.

Prosecutors allege Santos deceived his supporters, misused campaign funds for personal expenses, lied about his finances and even cheated the unemployment benefits system.

The indictment portrays a web of deceit and manipulation, exposing Santos' alleged fraudulent schemes and dishonesty that allowed him to rise to Congress and enrich himself. Santos, who surrendered to authorities, is set to make an initial court appearance today.

You can see the breaking news report about his arrest below.

Santos rose to infamy by constructing a false identity.

He artfully portrayed himself as a prosperous Wall Street tycoon, boasting of a flourishing real estate portfolio and a glorious past as a collegiate volleyball sensation.

However, meticulous investigations subsequently exposed these assertions as nothing more than a tapestry of falsehoods. Santos had never occupied the esteemed positions he claimed, nor had he pursued higher education. In truth, he had endured financial struggles before venturing into the realm of politics.

The indictment against Santos contends he skillfully deployed deceit to persuade his supporters to contribute to a purportedly campaign-focused company. Regrettably, it alleges Santos callously redirected these funds for personal gain, squandering them on opulent designer attire, clearing credit card debts and meeting extravagant vehicle payments.

Additionally, the charges levied against Santos accuse him of falsifying crucial financial details on congressional disclosure forms. To compound matters, he stands accused of deceptively securing unemployment benefits while being employed at an investment firm that faced damning allegations of orchestrating a nefarious Ponzi scheme.

The news of his indictment was a thrill for critics who have for months called on him to resign from Congress.

According to United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York Breon Peace, the indictment "seeks to hold Santos accountable for his alleged fraudulent actions and brazen misrepresentations."

Santos' web of deception extended beyond campaign finances. Regulatory filings indicate Santos claimed to have loaned his campaign and affiliated political action committees over $750,000, despite his previous financial struggles.

His financial disclosure form also raised suspicions, reporting an annual income of $750,000 from the Devolder Organization, a family company. However, the indictment alleges Santos never received such sums nor the substantial dividends he listed.

Federal prosecutors contend Santos established a Florida-based company, Redstone Strategies, in November 2021 which he allegedly used to deceive donors and fund his extravagant lifestyle. Santos instructed an associate to solicit contributions, falsely claiming the funds would be used for his election campaign, with no restrictions on the donation amounts.

The indictment further alleges Santos transferred a significant amount of money from the company's accounts to his personal bank accounts and distributed funds to associates.

Even before the criminal charges came to light, many of Santos' fellow New York Republicans called for his resignation due to his history of fabrications. In the wake of the indictment, the calls for his resignation grew louder.

However, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has shown no inclination to reprimand or sideline the freshman New York Republican. McCarthy's stance was made evident as he indicated Santos would be permitted to retain his congressional position, even in the wake of his indictment on federal charges.