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Guy's Suggestion Of Having A Gay Man Be An Undercover Spy On 'The Bachelorette' Is Pure Genius

Guy's Suggestion Of Having A Gay Man Be An Undercover Spy On 'The Bachelorette' Is Pure Genius

TikToker luke_at_me_now came up with a genius idea in a now-viral video wherein he suggested that the next group of men on The Bachelorette should include an undercover gay to bring the title girl some intel on the group of men.

He explained his plan in detail:

"Pretty much you have a gay guy and none of the straight guys know that he's gay. You keep him on until like top five, and he just warns the girl about the guys in the house."
"He can give his opinion without there being a conflict of interest. You know, they go on their one-on-ones, they go to brunch, they have a nice, lovely time."

People were immediately on board with the idea.

TikTok went wild for this concept.





In addition, the post made it over to Reddit.

There, more people speculated on the effectiveness of the idea of having an undercover gay guy in the cast.

"They did something similar in Bachelorette NZ! It was the season with Lily from Winter Games and Lesina (2 girls at once)."
"They had a guy called 'the mole' and she kept him for a few weeks and he reported back on things the guys did/said. I don't believe he was gay, although it was never brought up."
"Eventually they unveiled it when he left and the guys were like oh shit lol."~maggiemo1203
"I have literally thought this forever! Like why doesn't the guy his best friend girl and have her be a spy. Like Demi in a van, but less obnoxious."~jayzeeb
"I want to read the rom com book about a straight guy who signs up to the be the mole (he's her brother's best friend) and then ends up falling in love with her and it all comes out on ATFR."
"I would be very in favor of just always having moles, gay or not. I feel like watching a contestant do the 'so and so is not good for you' is awful because it always goes badly for the contestant even if they were totally right."~jenesaisquoi
"It's a cool idea but every season after you implemented it would turn into a homophobic Salem Witch Trial situation."~airham

Luke, our original poster, also made it clear he wanted to be the first undercover gay on the show complete with an audition.

He donned a backwards ball cap, asked users not to see his teal-painted nails, and said:

"She so hot… so hot. Like, literally so like… such an enunciated body."





Luke finished:

"If it gets implemented, I want credit."

Of course, it's unlikely ABC will want to take the drama out of The Bachelorette.

But, a gay can dream!