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Former Talk Show Host Goes On Homophobic Rant And Unzips His Pants After Being Told To Wear Mask

Former Talk Show Host Goes On Homophobic Rant And Unzips His Pants After Being Told To Wear Mask

The simple act of wearing a mask causes really major reactions from people, as a San Francisco man proved without a reasonable doubt earlier this week.

Tim Gaskin, a former daytime talk show host from Campbell, CA, had a complete meltdown when he was approached and asked to wear a mask by a Marshall's employee inside of the store.

Gaskin's meltdown involved him yelling several homophobic slurs at employees, brandishing a false "Freedom To Breathe" card, and telling the employees that he would file suit for $75,000 against them.

"You don't know the law, that's how stupid you are! It'll cost you $75,000! It's a health code violation to deny service based on someone's disability. Do you want to look up the law? Do you want to look up the law first? And this f*ggot right here! He doesn't know the law! He thinks he's smart!"

He is also depicted in a second video holding a McDonald's cup and inexplicably unzipping and zipping up his pants.

Gaskin's use of homophobic slurs was puzzling to those who knew him in his talk show host days as he is, reportedly, himself a homosexual, according to CBS San Francisco:

"His use of homophobic language surprised those who recognized him on social media as he was once a known figure in the San Francisco LGBTQ community. Starting in 2004, he hosted a weekly talk show called OUT Spoken for Comcast public access that addressed gay issues. … Later he started a magazine called 'Benefit: The Lifestyle of Giving,' which covered philanthropy in the city. At the time when it first published in 2006, Gaskin said he was a longtime fundraiser for AIDS-related causes and he wanted to do more for charities in San Francisco."

He also hurled racist insults at employees, calling one of them a "dumb Mexican" and claiming the man did not speak English.

Gaskin has not replied to requests for comment, but Bay Area police are investigating the incident. Gaskin could face arrest on a number of charges.

This bizarre story is just one of many to come out of the Bay Area involving offensive rants. Hopefully, at some point in 2020, they will stop.