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We Now Know Why Garfield Phones Keep Mysteriously Washing Up On A Beach In France

We Now Know Why Garfield Phones Keep Mysteriously Washing Up On A Beach In France

One of France's greatest mysteries has finally been solved.

For decades, novelty Garfield phones have been washing up to shore along a 15-mile stretch of beach near Brest.

"Where did they come from?" locals wondered.

"Why are they here? How do the phones feel about Mondays or lasagna?"

Well, at long last, the answer to all these questions has been uncovered.

French environmentalists had had enough of the lasagna-guzzling feline who relentlessly polluted their beaches.

The anti-littering group Ar Vilantsou began an ad campaign centered around the phones which ran in the area fairly consistently.

Before long, the ads caught the attention of a local farmer, who recalled a bad storm in the 1980's.

The day after that storm, the Garfield's began washing up on the beach, as they've continued to do every day since then.

The farmer was able to lead the Ad Vilantsou team to an obscure sea cave that he recalled a shipping container from a passing boat had been blown into during the storm.

Inside the sea cave, the team found the shipping container, which had burst wide open and was now surrounded by countless Garfield phones.

The source of the litter had been discovered. Ar Vilantsou's Claire Simonin-Le Meur commented:

"This is the first time in our lives that we've seen that."

Twitter loves nothing more than a genuinely strange story.

Sadly, however, Garfield won his final battle with the local authorities.

The shipping container is apparently wedged in an "inaccessible" crevice, so the Garfield phones will simply have to continue being washed to shore until, someday, the container exhausts its supply.

Until then, Ar Vilantsou simply plans to continue watching the beaches and picking up any stray cats they can find.