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'Game Of Thrones' Fans Are Revealing The Characters They Most Identify With Vs The Ones They Actually Are, And We're LOLing

With the premiere of Game of Thrones's final season mere days away, comedian @ikebarinholtz decided to celebrate the show's ever-growing roster of characters by asking a very pertinent question:

"Who is the Game of Thrones character you see yourself as and who is the one you actually are?"

Twitter was more than happy to oblige Ike with some hilarious answers.

In most cases, people saw themselves as big, strong heroes, but knew they came up a little bit short in real life.

To be fair, however, every character in Game of Thrones has both moments of heroism and cowardice.

The question resulted in a lot of very minor characters got more attention than they ever bargained for!

Are any of us as alluring as we'd like to be?

Maybe the most honest commenters were the ones who acknowledged their own inevitable death within the series.

I mean, we can't ALL be magical chosen-ones.

Don't worry though—no matter who you'd actually be in the series, you can still watch the show and enjoy it as if you were destined to be royalty!

If we all work hard, maybe we can end our lives closer to our first choice than our second.

To see what happens to the actual characters, be sure to tune in to HBO to watch the final season of Game of Thrones premiere this Sunday, April 14!