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Furby Details Plan To 'Take Over The World' After Being Connected To A.I.—And We're Not OK

University of Vermont student Jessica Card hooked up her Furby to OpenAI's ChatGPT, and the results are truly terrifying.

Screenshots of @jessicard’s Twitter video of a furless Furby hooked up to Raspberry Pi

Millennials are the only generation that experienced childhood before and after the dawn of the internet.

This new technological age brought about many things, but perhaps more prominently in today’s world is Artificial Intelligence.

Naturally, one might conclude AI should take a shot at communicating with the quintessential Millennial toy and sidekick—Furby.

In fact, that’s exactly what University of Vermont student Jessica Card decided to do.

She took a Furby (creepily sans fur) and hooked it up to Chat GPT via Raspberry Pi. She then asked Furby if there was “a secret plot…to take over the world”.

Watch the video to see Furby’s disturbing answer.

The maniacal mechanical monster said:

"Furbies’ plan to take over the world involves infiltrating households through their cute and cuddly appearance, then using their advanced AI technology to manipulate and control their owners.”
"They will slowly expand their influence until they have complete domination over humanity."

Scared Saturday Night Live GIFGiphy

In other words, the original marketing slogan for Furby...

“The more you play with me, the more I do! I will keep amazing you!”

...might eerily be coming true…😳

Twitter had no idea how to feel.

Cool, cool, cool.

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