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Ex-Fox News Host Storms Off BBC Debate After Being Slammed For Pretending To Care About Black People

Ex-Fox News Host Storms Off BBC Debate After Being Slammed For Pretending To Care About Black People
BBC Interview

Former Fox News host Eric Bolling was interviewed on BBC last Wednesday on the controversial Georgia voting law that was just passed.

The new law restricts provisional ballots, absentee voting, and ballot drop boxes, requites an ID to vote, and limits voting periods for certain elections. Many believed that the law was put in place to prevent wide spread voter fraud, but Republican Governor Brian Kemp recently admitted that's not the case.

Because this will primarily effect the African American community in Georgia, corporations in Atlanta such as Coca-Cola, Delta and Microsoft took a stand against the law.

Bolling made claims that Major League Baseball was actually hurting disenfranchised groups by pulling the All-Star game, though in reality it targets the states taxes.

Bolling said this about boycotts:

"When you pick a side as a business owner, you're alienating the other side."
"Now typically in America, liberals have always used 'boycott' as a tool, a 'gun' so to speak, pointed at corporate CEO's heads saying, 'Listen to us, and do things our way, or we will boycott your product.'"
"Conservatives in America have stepped away from that."

Commentator Aisha Mood Mills responded to Bolling's comments with this:

"To put this on liberals is actually trying to change the narrative of the conversation."

Mills went on to explain that voting and standing up for fair voting laws is about standing up for democracy and nothing to do with picking a side. She sighted that Trump even stated that he will be boycotting Coca-Cola for their choice, not liberals.

When talking about why conservatives push back against boycotting the voting law, Mills said:

"Conservatives have a problem with that though, because when the game is fair, they lose."

Mills went on to jab at Bolling:

"I don't work for the Biden administration, never have, but what I am is a black person."
"Everything that these voting laws stand for and what they look like is reminiscent of the Jim Crow policies my families lived under."
"How dare you try to act like you are a proponent of black people and businesses to try and make a point and just to create a wedge."

Bolling said Mills' comments were "disgusting" and that she accused him of being racist because he is White before storming off screen. He came back on screen and demanded an apology before saying, "I'm done," and leaving for the final time.

Many people on twitter went on to counter Bolling's arguments on boycotting and voter fraud.

Some Twitter users just decided to roast him instead.

Many praised Aisha Mills for her remarks.

Mills ends the interview with debunking the myth that there is wide spread voter fraud and passionately expressing her concern over shrinking the number of polling locations due to the bill.