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Engineering Company Creates Insanely Cool Foldable Houses That Expand To Triple Their Size

@TechInsider video/Twitter, @miiiiarose/Twitter

On Twitter, @TechInsider shared a video of a house built by the company Ten Fold Engineering which is able to expand to three times its original size by folding in on itself! The home could have fascinating influence on people's mobility and housing affordability.

Some viewers of the video, which shows Ten Fold Technology's first working prototype of the house, had some safety concerns:

But, for the most part, people were amazed!

Some Twitter users were a little less than impressed, saying similar things have been done in the past.

Others, however, wanted a folding home as soon as possible!

The folding home, which sells for $113,000, can be transported anywhere, and is expanded using only an electric drill, could do great things for homeless populations around the globe.

If you recognize the folding house from somewhere, perhaps you've seen something similar on BBC's Top Gear...

Campervan Challenge | Top Gear | BBC

Or it's possible you've seen one of these other folding houses!


After seeing these videos, it's pretty clear that the future is foldable! Get ready to take your houses on the move, humanity.

H/T - Twitter, Ten Fold Engineering