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Florida Woman Who Coughed In Cancer Patient's Face Inside Store Receives Jail Sentence And Fine

Florida Woman Who Coughed In Cancer Patient's Face Inside Store Receives Jail Sentence And Fine
Heather Reed Sprague/Facebook

Debra Hunter, who was filmed coughing on a cancer patient inside a Florida store will face a fine and jail time as a result of her actions.

Hunter will spend 30 days in jail, as well as pay a $500 fine, serve six months of probation and attend anger management classes as well as receive a mental health evaluation after she was arrested at a Pier 1 import store for deliberately coughing, open mouth, into the face of the person videoing her, who was being treated for cancer at the time.

You can see video here:

Hunter then gave the filmer a rude hand gesture and swears at her.

Heather Sprague, the victim, had to have herself and family tested for the virus, which thankfully ended up being negative.

Sprague is receiving treatment for a brain tumor.

Upon her arrest, Hunter pleaded not guilty and asked the judge to have mercy on her and her own family. The justice in charge of the case took note of this.

"Her children didn't create this problem and her husband didn't, and she talked about how it changed her world and she was getting nastygrams on Facebook and things of that nature and they can't go to their country club or wherever," said Judge James Ruth.

"But I have yet to see any expression, or a significant expression on her regret about the impact it had on the victim in this case."

Meanwhile, Sprague and her family of 12 were struggling to figure out what to do had one of them been infected.

"I worried for the health and safety of my children, and wondered how in the world I could possibly isolate to protect them—in a household of 12—if I had been intentionally infected."

What happened in a moment of "bad judgment" could have cost Heather Sprague her life, if things had been a little bit different.

Hunter's case could have easily been for criminally negligent homicide instead of assault.