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Florida Man With Machete Tattoo On His Face Arrested For—Wait For It—Attacking Someone With A Machete

Hernando County Sheriff's Office

Florida man returns.

25-year-old Justin Couch is in custody in the Hernando County Sheriff's Office after allegations that he attacked another man with a machete following a light disagreement.

The incident apparently began around 2:30 pm on Monday after the victim and Couch got into a disagreement that caused Couch to expel the victim from a private residence in Tarrytown.

After the victim asked if he could gather his possessions before leaving, Couch "began striking the victim in the arm and leg" with the flat side of the machete.

Justin Couch "then swung the machete at the victim's face," according to the Sheriff's office.

The victim was then sliced with the blade, causing him to fall unconscious.

Couch's face tattoo being a machete was an irony not lost on the internet.

According to the sheriff's office, the victim is now unable to "use or move his left hand due to the severity of the injury he sustained."

Couch's bail was set at $10,000. The authorities have not yet commented on the irony of his machete face tattoo.