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Viral Floating 'Stranger Things' Halloween Display Will Stay Up Despite 'Crazy' Neighbor's Complaint

Viral Floating 'Stranger Things' Halloween Display Will Stay Up Despite 'Crazy' Neighbor's Complaint
Netflix; @horrorprops/Instagram

It's perfectly fine for everyone not to be down with the spooky Halloween season.

Unfortunately, holiday haters sometimes go to extra lengths to display their holiday disdain and try to ruin the fun for everyone around them.

Plainfield, Illinois couple Dave and Aubrey Appel—who are behind the Instragram account @horrorpropsdave—went all out with a Stranger Things inspired display that recently went viral on Instagram and TikTok.

The elaborate, gravity defying display recreated the scene when the character Max is lifted into the air by the evil Vecna.

But neighbors apparently started to complain about the traffic from curious onlookers.

A formal complaint read:

"Dwayne English, spokesperson for the Joliet Police Department, said officers did respond to a complaint about increased traffic due to the display about 9 p.m. Sunday."
"'Officers spoke to the owners of the display who indicated that they would take it down if problems persisted,” English said in a written statement.'"
'No further enforcement action was taken or needed.'"

But the next day, the Appels posted some good news on Instagram:

Backed by the support of the public, community leaders, and even law enforcement, it was decided that the Max display could stay up after all.

As a compromise, the display will only be lit up on the weekends for fans of the hit Netflix show to come by and take pictures.

The couple also shared clips of their display to their TikTok @horrorprops.


The Reveal. Why? Because it's still better in person. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE, WE HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON! #horrorprops #thereveal #daveandaubrey #fyp #bluetick #halloween #transworldhauntshow #strangerthings #strangerthings4 #maxmayfield #OverwatchMe #diy

People were thrilled the floating Max got to stay.

@skyiatree5 Sandy/TikTok




@Rich Ferguson/TikTok

Even Netflix dropped a comment to praise the decorations.


You can find more details about the Appel's Stranger Things display and other amazing Halloween decorations in the Chicago area on the Chicago Haunt Builderswebsite.