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Fitness Junkies Slammed After Refusing To Stop Going To The Gym Because We've Just 'Got To Take It On The Chin' That We're All Going To Get Sick

Fitness Junkies Slammed After Refusing To Stop Going To The Gym Because We've Just 'Got To Take It On The Chin' That We're All Going To Get Sick

In the current global public health crisis, we all need to do our part to slow the spread of the viral disease.

It's why everyone should be practicing social distancing and preventing sharing high touch areas with strangers.

However, despite recommendations from their government, British fitness enthusiasts are still packing their gyms.

Channel 4 News interviewed the gym goers to find out why they were still going, despite recommendations to stop.

Several people are interviewed and asked about their gym habits, in light of the global pandemic. A young woman was asked what would keep her away from the gym.

She responds, before laughing:

"I don't think there's anything!"

Another gym member gives a disturbing answer to the interview.

He says:

"Everyone's gonna get it, you know what I mean? It's just one of those things, you've just got to take it on the chin."

What are these people thinking?

Social distancing isn't just about protecting you, but slowing the spread of the disease overall. If allowed to spread, there are many who will not experience symptoms while spreading the virus.

That's called an asymptomatic carrier.

Some will become infected, but survive. But the danger in both cases is passing it on to people who won't survive.

Despite recommendations from their government, the UK has seen little progress in stopping people from going out. It's not just gyms, but other open places have been shown to have crowds of people.

Boris Johnson has said that if social distancing recommendations aren't followed, "tougher measures" could be implemented.

Where are these people getting their dangerous, social non-distancing ideas from?

Before Yanks start getting all high and mighty over our British allies, we should know that the United States is not in the best position to fight this disease either.

Sure, some places like Los Angeles County, and the state of New York have ordered lock downs and shuttering non-essential businesses to prevent the spread, but not everyone is taking things so seriously.

At the same time the above gym goers were being interviewed, spring breakers were crowding Florida beaches. It was only a few days ago that Governor Ron DeSantis finally ordered the beaches to close to stop this.

But to many, it was too little too late.

Sure, the governments need to get a grip, and do their jobs in this situation, but we, as a society need to do our part as well.

Wash your hands properly and often. Sanitize high touch surfaces. Consult a doctor if you develop symptoms—more and more health facilities are handling patients via video conferencing.

And stay home or at least away from large gatherings while getting food or other supplies.