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FBI Agents Seize Multiple Firearms In Raid On YouTuber Jake Paul's California Home

FBI Agents Seize Multiple Firearms In Raid On YouTuber Jake Paul's California Home
Eric Espada/Getty Images

Controversial YouTuber Jake Paul was in the headlines this past Wednesday, August 5, when the FBI arrived at his home with a search warrant.

According to TMZ, Paul's mansion was raided by a team of more than 20 officers, who emerged shortly thereafter with a collection of firearms.

Online, where many detest Paul's infamous pranks, Twitter users found the raid on Paul's home interesting.

Many believe the raid was in connection to June charges filed against Paul for his participation in an Arizona looting.

The police said in their statement:

"Our investigation has revealed that Paul was present after the protest was declared an unlawful assembly and the rioters were ordered to leave the area by the police."
"Paul also unlawfully entered and remained inside the mall when it was closed. As a result, Paul has been charged with criminal trespass and unlawful assembly."

Paul has continued to claim he was innocent in the looting.

Those charges were recently dropped, however, "so that a federal criminal investigation can be completed."

A spokesperson for the Scottsdale police department said in connection with the dropped charged:

"Scottsdale retains the option to refile charges depending on the outcome of the federal investigation."

Jake Paul has recently inspired the ire of the internet by holding large parties in his mansion despite Los Angeles social distancing mandates, telling Insider:

"Our leadership is failing us, and everyone kind of just doesn't know what to do. But I personally am not the type of person who's gonna sit around and not live my life."

Paul's legal troubles don't seem to be coming to an end any time soon, though the public will have a while longer to wait before they find out the full scope of the investigations into him.