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Young Woman Sparks Family Drama After Refusing To Wear A Bra Around Her Sister's Young Children

Young Woman Sparks Family Drama After Refusing To Wear A Bra Around Her Sister's Young Children
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So... quarantine brought out the Petty Bettys and Grumpy Guses among you?

Your family stress level through the roof? Having ridiculous arguments 'cause it's not what you said, it's how you said it?

It's okay. You're not alone in the petty bickering. One young woman started a days-long family-wide "thing" because she doesn't want to have to wear a bra while she's home.

Those of you who didn't end up with large breasts got a totally different mental picture when you read the word "bra" than you big-busted-babes did. Some of you thought of something soft and pretty, maybe lacy with 2 adorable little clasps, or one of those bralettes; so breezy, so tease-y.

Yeah, no we're not talking about that. We're talking wide straps, 6 snaps, strips of metal, industrial fabric that only comes in beige, oatmeal and sand. They're not here to be cute or comfortable. They're here to do a job, and that job can be painful.

The young woman stuck in family pandemic pettiness is the kind of bra wearer that needs option two. So when she's home and trying to be relaxed and comfortable, a bra is the last thing she wants to deal with.

That, however, has created a problem between the young woman, her parents and her sister, who also lives in the home with her husband and two kids.

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Frustrated by how her body suddenly became everyone's favorite topic of conversation, she turned to Reddit.

"I'm 19F and I live with my Mom, Dad, Sister (24), Brother-in-Law, and Sister and Brother-in-Law's two kids (4 and 2 years old). I have large breasts and I have to wear a bra 100% of the time while out. However my underwire bras are VERY uncomfortable and I prefer not to wear them while at home. I guess because we're all home recently, and I haven't been wearing my bras, people have noticed more."
"Sister came up to me after breakfast and pointed at my chest. 'You think that's appropriate?' She said. It was cold and my nipples were pointing out a little bit. I said I'm at home and I'm sorry but I have breasts, sometimes they just do that. She said, 'It's not a big deal to wear a bra' and tried to jazz me up about it, saying it would make me feel like I'm at work and get me excited for work. I said no I'm not wearing a bra, she got frustrated again and said it's just not appropriate around her children. Since her children were literally sucking on her breasts not too long ago for milk I don't see how it's so inappropriate. I said I belong here just as much as she does and it's my home too. My Dad decided to join in on the act, said that I was being a 'little slutty' (his EXACT words) for not wearing a bra, even though my skin is covered 100% by my shirt. I got tired of this and just left."
"So later that day I was going down the stairs and I did the classic "hold boobs" move that I know my girls out there with big chests can appreciate. Sister saw and literally pointed and started laughing at me, saying how ridiculous I am and how I'm being. But the laughing was uh, mean and angry, if that makes sense. I got mad and said she was just jealous of my larger boobs and she against started going on about her children. She turned to Brother-in-Law for support and he said "I'm at work, I'm at work" and just covered his ears."
"This whole thing seems ridiculous to me, am I the a$$h0le?"

Reddit, however, was pretty quick to reassure her that no, it's not her.

It's stupid sister drama, body shaming and the general sort of tension that happens when you're trapped like sardines with your family with no way out for the rest of the forseeable future.

"She feels weirdly threatened by your freedom. That's a her issue, not an you issue. Let them bad boys fly. I also want to add that Dad's a major ass for slutshaming being comfortable, and just slutshaming in general." - comingtogetyoubabs
"Yeah, I don't get how you can be slutty when you're quarantined. Who's the audience he imagines she's being slutty for? Gross." - wunderbabs
"Best thing about this lockdown is my boobs haven't had to be constrained to those hell baskets for 15 days. Man. I almost let that slip in a teleconference today. They asked us to mention one good thing about self isolation. I was like "No Bra" but stopped myself realizing it was probably inappropriate for a work discussion."
"Your sister is clearly insecure that her husband is seeing your boobs. That sucks for her but is not a you problem. Though I expect she won't let this go so you're probably in for a few weeks of irritating remarks." - EliraTheLook

Look fam, this whole quarantine thing is going to be rough for us all. It'll go a lot more smoothly if we just relax and stop worrying about other people so much.

If you've got enough time on your hands to start family drama over some covered tittymeat then you have enough time to pick up a new hobby or something.