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Public Health Expert Gives Ted Cruz's Misleading Anti-Abortion OpEd The Brutal Fact-Check It Deserves

The National Review recently published an op-ed by anti-abortionist Senator Ted Cruz and Live Action founder Lila Rose titled "The Federal Government Must Stop the Deadly Abortion Pill."

The piece was riddled with factual inaccuracies and misinformation.

Dr. Daniel Grossman, a researcher well known for his work on abortion medicine and contraceptives, decided to give the article a much-needed fact check on Twitter.

Grossman started by retitling the article "The Federal Government Must Increase Access to the Abortion Pill."

It seems Cruz and Rose couldn't make it through a paragraph without misleading their readers.

It's got to pretty hard to get this many things wrong in one paper.

Hopefully Ted Cruz doesn't bring this same level of understanding to his job as a Senator.

Hopefully plenty of people who read the Review's article also managed to catch Grossman's correction.

This incident serves as a reminder of how anyone, even sitting U.S. Senators, can weaponize misinformation.

Grossman's thread continued long after most reasonable people probably made up their minds about the validity of the article.

Women deserve to have their medicine reported in an accurate and unbiased way.

Twitter was extremely grateful to Grossman for weighing in on the article.

Who knows—perhaps, before long, Cruz and Rose will issue a new edition of their article with corrections! Only time will tell.