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Eric Trump Was Randomly At A FEMA Meeting, And Everyone Is Totally Baffled As To Why

Eric Trump Was Randomly At A FEMA Meeting, And Everyone Is Totally Baffled As To Why

A video clip has surfaced of Eric Trump attending a Federal Emergency Management Agency meeting, and nobody can figure out why.

Trump is not a part of FEMA's operations, does not have any expertise in emergency management and doesn't live or have any known connection to the area's impacted by Laura's landfall.

Given that, his presence confused many journalists when the video clip surfaced Thursday.

The meeting, which both President Trump and Vice President Pence attended, was held to discuss Hurricane Laura's path and impact so far.

In the video, Eric Trump stands awkwardly in the back of the room near the exist, seeming to pace back and forth as if he himself doesn't know why he's there.

Reporters who were present said that he did not say anything during the meeting, and was never acknowledged or introduced by the President or any FEMA official present.

While Trump is an officer in his father's company, he does not have a role in the White House or in any other governmental or political capacity, so his presence raised eyebrows among the press pool present.

For his part, the President's behavior in the meeting also struck some reporters as odd. At one point, when a FEMA official commented upon the deaths and injuries that have occurred so far due to Hurricane Laura, Trump responded with a non sequitur about Mike Pence's speech at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday.

"I just wanted to say Mike did a fantastic job last night. I think you deserve the honor of making your statement right now. You made a big statement last night, let's make a smaller one now."

On Twitter, many people were confused, unnerved and angered by Eric Trump's lurking in the meeting.

And many had theories as to why Eric was in attendance.

And of course, some couldn't help but make a few wisecracks.

As of this writing, the White House has not responded to press inquiries about the nature of his son's presence at the FEMA meeting.