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Eric Trump Dragged For Saying Election Is 'Rigged' Because Trump's Rallies Were Bigger Than Biden's

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Eric Trump is no stranger to Twitter ridicule for his fervent support of his father, no matter what the latter has done. His most recent claim that the 2020 election was rigged because Trump's rallies were bigger than Biden's is an interesting new hot take, though.

Eric isn't the only member of the Trump family tweeting disinformation about the election. Many of Donald Trump's tweets since election day have been flagged by Twitter as containing "disputed" and "misleading" information.

This has led the President to lash out against the platform in recent weeks.

It didn't take long for the ridicule to begin on Eric's tweet thread.

Several people pointed out the pandemic, and that people who don't choose to ignore science knew enough not to go to rallies.

Others questioned why Eric was so unwilling to face the reality of his father's defeat.

Some wondered why Twitter hadn't flagged the tweet for "disputed" election information yet.

While Eric and the rest of his family are still refusing to acknowledge reality, that doesn't change the fact that a reported 5.68 million more people voted for Joe Biden than for Donald Trump.