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Man Uses Instragram To Hilariously Mock Celebrity Fashion Looks With Homemade Recreations

Man Uses Instragram To Hilariously Mock Celebrity Fashion Looks With Homemade Recreations

Instagram user Emanuele Ferrari, a.k.a. Emi, isn't afraid to lampoon celebrities and other high-profile personalities.

With Internet trolling putting a damper on the social media user's experience, Emanuele's lampooning is in jest and far from malicious. In fact, his mockery of celebrity fashion through crafting expertise is downright hysterical.

The comedian from Novara, Italy, has been visually ribbing photos of stars on Instagram since 2014 from the likes of Rhianna to Zac Efron, and most recently, Meghan Markle. Enjoy his cheeky homages to the people he simply adores.

This bouquet is supersized.

Emi may have Priyanka covered, but it looks like he's toast.

Even Bey isn't immune to Emi's shenanigans.


Here is a tender moment from Italian rapper Fedez juxtaposed with his doppleganger.

He saw this through from conception.

Emi is inspired by the Kardashian family and Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni.

He told Bored Panda he began mocking celebrity photos after watching bold looks at fashion shows.

I noticed how some clothes in the fashion world were really so absurd and in my mind I recreated them with material I had at home. So I decided to open my account and get crazy.

You gotta hand it to him. Twice.

Actually, who's mocking whom?

Ventilation is key for a model's comfort.

Ryan Reynolds would be so thrown, right?

He just can't contain himself.

Re-purposed sponges and Q-tips don't any craftier than this.

Looks like he's team carb.

Who wore it best?

He's getting his grill-face on.

If you're missing a stack of plastic cups at your party, you'll know where to find it.

Any cock'll do.


You can find hundreds of other photos on his Instagram page, which amassed over 714 thousand followers. He attributes his popularity to the fact that, "On the Web the irony is often viral."

While he has no idea where all this creativity will lead, he continues to enjoy what he's doing by poking fun at haute couture while enjoying being a haute mess.

I do not know exactly where all this will bring me, but for now, it is something that I enjoy so much and that I have the pleasure of doing.

Keep doing what you do, Emi. We're all onboard!

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