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Emilia Clarke Reveals The Sentimental 'Game Of Thrones' Prop She Wasn't Allowed To Keep

Emilia Clarke Reveals The Sentimental 'Game Of Thrones' Prop She Wasn't Allowed To Keep

*Warning: light Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!*

As Game of Thrones officially wrapped its final season, many of the stars are revealing the iconic props they managed to steal off set as keepsakes of their time on the show.

Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen, had her eye on one item in particular, but was sadly foiled from stealing it by the show's producers.

What would the mother dragons want to take home with her?

Well, her prized dragon eggs of course!

In a list of stolen mementos fromPeople magazine, Clarke revealed her thwarted desire:

"I wanted to keep the [dragon] eggs, dammit, but they weren't giving them! I think everybody else nicked something, I didn't get to grab anything."

Other Game of Thrones castmembers, like Sophie Turner (who plays Sansa Stark) got to leave set with some important mementos.

Turner told People:

"I got to keep my corset. And friendships that will last a lifetime."

Some actors, like Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), felt their souvenirs were more emotional than physical. Williams said:

"I got to keep a lot of memories."

She also noted she'd have many "cuts and bruises" to help her remember the shooting process for quite a while.

Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont) got a little bit of bling to keep him company:

"I kept a couple of rings. Ser Jorah had a kind of Dothraki element to his attire, and so they were easily takeable. So I took them, yeah."

Some actors, however, nicked some more practical items.

Hannah Murray (Gilly) grabbed something she sorely needed:

"I stole a pair of waterproof socks. Which I feel like I can now confess. I was doing another job that was a very low budget film, called Bridgend, and we were filming on the beach and my feet were getting soaked. I was going back and forth to do Thrones in between, and I thought, 'I have to get these waterproof socks,' because they didn't have the budget for them on this other movie."

Carice van Houten (Melisandre) also grabbed some important garments:

"I actually have thermal underwear. Because [Melisandre's] necklace wasn't working."

Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Bran Stark) didn't want anything in particular, but knew he had to keep something:

"On my last day on set, I ran through the set like, 'God, this is my last moment on Game of Thrones,' grabbed whatever I could, and I got a wooden spoon, a straw bowl, and a wooden tub. So I grabbed kitchen utensils."

Even Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) got to take home more mementos than his Queen:

"I took a little chess piece like from the map room. I didn't take it. It was given to me. That's what I've got at home. It looks a little bit like an Unsullied and it looks a little bit phallic, ironically."

It turns out John Bradley (Sam Tarley) is not so unlike his character when it comes to stealing:

"I never took anything. I'm so keen to play by the rules. I've got a real phobia of getting into trouble. But I think if there was one thing that I was going to take it'd be the thimble that Sam's mother gave him and comes into play in season 2."
"There's a lot of sentimentality tied up in that, it's the last remnant of a loving relationship that he had before he met Gilly, and there's so much projected onto it as a relic and what it means to him. So I would have taken that but I've not seen it since season 3."

On the far other end of the spectrum, Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth) showed off his inner smuggler by taking everything he could get his hands on:

"I haven't left anything, I've taken everything! I've taken loads of stuff, you don't have long enough. I have swords, my little finger bag, I liberate, of course! I liberated it! I got in just before the lockdown started."
"It's now like the end of Indiana Jones, you know when they're pushing the covenant of the ark, into this big huge warehouse to be hidden away forever? My place is like that now, with stuff from Game of Thrones. eBay's gonna be on fire in a couple of months."

Maybe the best souvenir, however, went to Kristian Nairn (Hodor). He told People:

"I took a little piece of the door. It broke off in my hand... a little piece with the false snow on that, so I kept that, and it was in my script, so I kept a piece of that forever."

Hopefully a petition to get Clarke her dragon eggs begins very soon!

After everything she's been through, she certainly deserves them!

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