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Egg-Throwing Prank Ends In Fatal Car Wreck—And A Murder Charge For 14-Year-Old Driver

Egg-Throwing Prank Ends In Fatal Car Wreck—And A Murder Charge For 14-Year-Old Driver

A teen prank ended in tragedy on New Year's Day.

In Texas, a 14-year-old driver stands accused of causing a deadly crash and faces a murder charge.

According to Harris County authorities, the teen and his friends were driving a tan GMC they took without permission from the teen's father. They spent their time throwing eggs at other cars.

The driver of a Lincoln who was hit got very upset and brandished his handgun at the young men.

The teens were scared and took off, speeding down the road. When they reached an intersection, the driver ran a red light and struck a Ford F-150 that was crossing.

The crash sent both vehicles flying down the road.

The driver of the Ford is reported to be Silvia Zavala, a single mother of two. Paramedics declared her dead at the scene.

It is an absolute tragedy.

Zavala had just finish shopping before she was hit. Her daughter, Jessica Gaspar spoke about her mother with Click 2 Houston.

"She was a single mother, and she always taught me to stay strong and stay positive."

While she sympathizes with a teenager making a bad decision, she wants to see justice.

"I feel bad. I really do, but he took my mother's life, and he has to pay for what he did,"

Also unknown is the involvement of the driver of the Lincoln. For a time, the sheriff's office was trying to locate him.

However, they now report they are in contact and are attempting to interview him.

Let's hope this is sufficient for Twitter.

The teen driver was taken away with minor injuries, including a broken ankle. He has since been booked in the county juvenile detention center.

According to Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, the 14-year-old has been charged with murder.

It is unknown at this time if he will be tried as an adult. Under Texas law, a suspect for murder can be as young as 14, but they'd need juvenile court to rule the crime warrants it.

If you would like to help Silvia's family with funeral expenses, the family has set up a donation page here.