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Danny DeVito And The Rock Made A Couple's Day By Crashing Their Wedding In Epic Style

As the premiere of Jumanji: The Next Level approaches, an unlikely but delightful duo is touring the world to generate excitement:

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Danny DeVito.

Both of the stars were staying at the same hotel in Mexico when they heard a wedding happening in the nearby reception hall.

They decided to give the bride and groom a bit of a surprise...

Fortunately, the entire evening was captured on video for the world to see.

The pair congratulated the happy couple with a Nat King Cole classic.

The entire internet wished they could be there to hear the dynamic pair singing.

It almost seemed like a scene from television...

If only we could all be serenaded by the world's biggest stars at our weddings.

For what it's worth, it seems Johnson and DeVito have had the time of their lives hanging out during the press tour.

Hopefully their real-world chemistry translates into some great on-screen fun!

JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL - Official Trailer (HD)

If you're ever in the same hotel as The Rock and Danny DeVito, start the music!

You never know who might just swing by.

DeVito once shared the big screen with another action star in the movie Twins, available here, starring Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger.