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Drag Queen Jasmine Masters' Hilarious 'And I Oop' Meme Is Perfect For Every Situation

Drag Queen Jasmine Masters' Hilarious 'And I Oop' Meme Is Perfect For Every Situation

Jasmine Masters has no time for your s**t, especially with messes who can't handle their liquor.

For the uninitiated, Jasmine Masters is the riotous drag queen who competed in the seventh season of RuPaul's Drag Race and the fourth season of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars.

She has her own YouTube channel in which she always has something to say, and no topic is off limits for the outspoken hygienist who will let you know if your body odor is an affront to her precious nostrils.

Now she is a hysterical meme sensation after venting about the protocol of being a designated-driver.

She doesn't have time for it.

While she made it very clear she didn't want to be anybody's babysitter, she shifted in her seat and accidentally hit her balls, eliciting a reactionary, "and I oop" response.

The moment comes at the 4:30 mark in the YouTube video, below.

Jasmine Masters handle your

Her voice didn't change in pitch upon impact, but the girl was frozen. She was suspended in time for a solid ten seconds as she waited for the wave of discomfort to subside.

That's what you get when you're in drag and not tucked, even though your lower half is concealed for the camera.

It didn't take long for the yahoos of Twitter to re-purpose her "and I oop" comment for other scenarios.

Queen Bey has similar arresting powers.

Maybe she was just invoking a girlfriend's name.

Priceless piggy.

Who said it best?

Spoiler alert for Game of Thrones fans.

Step aside Lin-Manuel Miranda, there's a new sensation taking over.

And speaking of Lin-Manuel Miranda!

Thank you, Jasmine, for giving us a gift that keeps on giving.