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Trump Attempts To Rewrite History By Launching His Own Omission-Heavy Presidential Website

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

On Monday, March 29, former President Donald Trump launched a new website.

According to him, the new site tells the truth about the "magnificent legacy" of his time in office.

Others however are seeing more of the alternative facts that were a hallmark of the Trump White House.

Twitter felt Donald Trump's takes on how he handled the pandemic, the economy and 2020's racial justice movement were a bit...biased to say the least.

It seems without access to social media, President Trump had to take his version of reality elsewhere.

On the subject of the environment, Trump's website even claimed he had "a robust commitment to environmental conservation" and he was "prioritizing the clean-up of major pollution sites and investing billions in clean water infrastructure."

It's not unusual for politicians to paint a rosy picture of their accomplishments, but Trump's website felt too much like propaganda for many.

It seems President Trump hasn't become any more committed to the facts since leaving office.

Many predicted the website would age poorly on the ever-evolving internet.

Sorry, Trump.

You can write anything you want online...but that doesn't guarantee anyone will believe it.