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PHOTOS: Donald Trump Sends Giant Christmas Cards to Staff

PHOTOS: Donald Trump Sends Giant Christmas Cards to Staff

Donald Trump reinforced the mantra that bigger is better by sending White House staff members larger-than-necessary Christmas cards.

For some, sending cards is a groan-worthy tradition because of its social and obligatory nature, and fewer people are participating in it because it's a waste of paper. But Trump seized an opportunity to make a lavish statement for his yuletide debut as president. No lack of resources stopped Trump from doling out cards three times the size of standard cards that could double as windshield covers in advance of summer.

Other than the "Merry Christmas 2017" inscription on a blood-red placard with an embossed, golden seal of an eagle, there's nothing about this overwhelmingly large card that brings people a sense of a warm and fuzzy time of year.


Photos of the card circulated on the Internet, including this one with a penny to determine the size in scale.

The ostentatious gesture became the target of a joke. "You need more space when [sic] write with crayons," joked one Twitter user. Another wrote, "Are we sure it doesn't just look four times larger - when Trump is holding it in his hands?"

The" yuge" card appears to curry favor from secretly indifferent members in the Congressional offices. Or maybe, there was no hidden agenda. Given Trump's excessive tendencies, the card could just be the cardboard manifestation of his bombastic temperament.


The administration continued with the 90-year White House tradition that began with Calvin Coolidge in 1927, where the sitting U.S. president sends staff members and supporters a holiday greeting.

Past presidents circulated cards that were more genuine in nature.

In comparison, here's a photo of the Christmas card courtesy of the Obama family.

Unlike Obama's card, Trump is missing a portrait of his family. Not that the inclusion of one is compulsory, but it would inject the generic card with a sense of warmth, which is something Obama's card exudes. It seems like Trump's card size is making up for his shortcomings.

Melania's signature is also suspiciously identical to Trump's, and the comparison has not gone unnoticed.

There was one interesting suggestion for the Trump family Christmas card.

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