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Don Jr. Just Tried To Drag Polling Guru Nate Silver—And Silver Clapped Back With An Epic Burn

SOPA Images/Getty Images, Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Polling guru Nate Silver, who created the poll aggregating website FiveThirtyEight, was on Twitter last week writing about how some polls are occasionally inaccurate and how that's often an expected result.

Silver explained:

Five days later, Donald Trump Jr., son of President Trump, tried to serve up a burn for Silver.

Sadly for Trump, Silver was quick to reply with a burn of his own.

Twitter fell right into line behind Silver, laughing at Don Jr.'s tweet.

No matter what pollsters may have predicted, Joe Biden emerged from the 2020 elections victorious.

The Trump family may think they're doing themselves a favor by serving up shade on Twitter, but the President's activity on the social media platform played a major role in his re-election failure.

It seems that in this case, as in so many others, Nate Silver was prepared for every eventuality and worked it into his calculations.

The result? A perfect zinger.