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Dog The Bounty Hunter's Daughters Apologize To Dylan Mulvaney After His Unhinged Threats

Dog AKA Duane Chapman faced backlash from his own daughters, Lyssa and Bonnie, after his bigoted comments about the trans influencer's Bud Light campaign.

Dog The Bounty Hunter; Dylan Mulvaney
Bennett Raglin/Getty Images; Gotham/GC Images

As an outspoken far-right hater of trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, Dog the Bounty Hunter sadly has plenty of fans and allies. But his daughters Lyssa and Bonnie Chapman are emphatically not among them.

After their father recently dedicated a substantial portion of a recent interview to threatening violence towards Mulvaney in Jesus' name, Lyssa and Bonnie both made public statements condemning their dad for his comments.

Chapman told online minister and self-proclaimed prophet Sharrell Barrera that he plans to give Mulvaney "two black eyes" and said that that all LGBTQ people need to be saved by "Jesus blood and shotgun shells," among other abhorrent comments.

Both Chapman's daughters are queer themselves and expressed horror at their father's comments.

In a statement posted to Instagram, Bonnie wrote:

"The comments made by Duane Chapman reflect prehistoric beliefs and do not align with true Christian values. Jesus loves everyone and would strongly denounce this non-accepting rhetoric."
"It is utterly repulsive to advocate violence against our transgender community, and it is equally repulsive to invoke Jesus’ name in vain to support such views."

She then apologized to her sister Lyssa, who is queer, on his behalf, as well as the wider LGBTQ+ community.

"I have personally apologized to my sister, Lyssa, for our father’s words, and I extend that apology publicly as well."

Bonnie also said her father's bigoted comments are part of why they are estranged, going on to say:

"It is mind-boggling to witness my father, who once stated he would sacrifice his life for a gay man in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, backtrack so fiercely."

Lyssa Chapman told TMZ she called her father and spoke to him about the interview, but that it was mostly them yelling at each other and was "far from productive."

She went on to recount an experience that will be all too familiar to all too many people nowadays. She told TMZ the hateful rhetoric her father spewed does not accord with the character of the man she's known all her life, and she worries he's watching too much right-wing news.

On social media, people are equally as outraged as Lyssa and Bonnie over Chapman's comments.

Chapman's daughters have called him out for his comments before, including in 2021 when Bonnie accused him of being racist, homophobic and unfaithful to her late mother Beth.