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Dating Show That Sends Eliminated Players Falling Through A Trap Door Has People Shook

Dating Show That Sends Eliminated Players Falling Through A Trap Door Has People Shook
Channel 4

American audiences were floored after watching a clip of a new British dating show in which rejected female competitors were being shown the door—a trap door, that is, through which they plummet as their hopes of winning love or cash simultaneously go down the drain.

The half-disturbing and mostly hilarious means of elimination seen in a recent viral clip from the show is eliciting guffaws from stateside social media users.

The new Channel 4 dating show, The Love Trap, debuted last month, and the premise is a departure from other conventional dating shows.

The aptly named show features twelve women who compete to win the affections of eligible bachelor, David Birtwistle.

The twist is only half of them are already in relationships and are in it for the money, and it's up to Birtwistle to figure out whose heart among the twelve women are true.

Otherwise, an unlucky competitor is sent through the subterranean void that is initially disguised as a rug.

The stakes are high, but at least it doesn't end in a blood bath of Squid Game proportions.

Twitter user Bec Shaw shared the clip where Birtwistle had to choose which of the three women standing before him was a "love trap" and therefore, had to go home.

After a dramatic deliberative pause, the bachelor—who was also a contestant on the Netflix dating series Too Hot to Handle— chose the woman standing in the middle, J'Harie, to go home.

And, well, we all know how things went south for the poor thing after he made his decision.

Rest assured, J'Harie survived her faux death-drop and revealed later in an interview that she had been in a relationship and was on the show to win money so she and her partner could afford a mortgage.