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Dad Picks Outfit To Wear To Vegas That Looks Very Familiar—And The Internet Is Obsessed 😂

Dad Picks Outfit To Wear To Vegas That Looks Very Familiar—And The Internet Is Obsessed 😂

When actor Zach Galifianakis flaunted his Vegas-ready outfit as Alan Garner in The Hangover,he probably had no idea it would spark a trend.

Alan Garner's human tree T-shirt, white baggy slacks, and a satchel that hung off his shoulder really resonated with one individual.

Madison took a picture of her father before taking off for a trip to Vegas while paying homage to the comedy film's tritagonist.

"So my dads going to Vegas today and this is what he decided to wear," she captioned, along with a head-slap emoji.


Madison challenged followers to see who wore it best.

The character of Alan Garner is a child at heart. He's immature, wildly out control, and takes medication for his ADHD.

Luckily, he has his mischievous cohorts, the "Wolfpack" – Phil Wenneck (Bradley Cooper), Stu Price (Ed Helms), and Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong), who keep him company. Unfortunately, they're not ones to dole out sartorial advice.

So here is a point of reference: who did wear it best?

What's wrong with the outfit here? Amateur fashion critics weighed in on the look:

The father is definitely nailing it with the tee and with the facial hair to match. Even the satchel is nearly an exact duplicate offset only by the width of the strap. Just don't call the accessory a "man-purse."


People got a kick out of the photo.

The post did wonders for generating interest in the T-shirt.

You can get yours here:

H/T: Twitter, Wikia, Amazon

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