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Woman Stuns TikTok After Revealing Dad Named Her After His Mistress To Cover Up Cheating

TikToker @keepingitkristina explained how her name has a very twisted reason behind it.

TikTok screenshots of @keepingitkristina

Many of us have heard the touching stories of how we - or others we know - were bestowed with the names given to them at birth by their parents after much thought and consideration.

Some of us were named after loved ones, some after special places and some even after celebrities or constellations.

But TikToker @keepingitkristina (Kristina) revealed in a video she was named after a scandal... one of which only one of her parents was in the know.

In her now-viral video that has been viewed more than a million times, began:

"So I feel like most people who are named after somebody have like a cute story behind it, or they're named after somebody really special."
"That is not the case for me."

Kristina explained:

"So, I was my parents' first child, and when my mom was pregnant with me, my parents had an agreement that if I was a boy, my mom was gonna get to name me after my grandfather and if I was a girl, my dad was gonna get to name me."

She continued that her mom had to have a C-section and was "drugged up after that," so her dad filled out all the paperwork and chose to name his baby girl Kristina.

Kristina shared her mom was okay with the name when she "finally came to."

She continued:

"Everything was fine for a few months until my mom found out that my dad was cheating on her."
"And guess what the woman's name was..."

Oh, you know it.

"Kristina... so if he messed up and called her the wrong name, he can say he was talking about me."


You can watch below.


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While viewers of the video were appalled - and a little entertained - by the revelation, many in the comments section had equally shocking stories about the origin of their own names.










When asked by a viewer about the relationship with her father currently, Kristina responded:

“My dad left when I was three and never had any contact with me or my sisters until we were grown.”
“He went on to have more kids, [whom] he also abandoned.”

But it sounds like the relationship between her mother is also strained.

In fact, Kristina revealed that when her mom found out about the viral TikTok, she told her in a text string of insults that Kristina "should have been aborted" among other things.

Yeah, we don't blame her for spilling the tea on her parents, and we're glad she can laugh about it now.