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Dad Goes Viral For Going Clubbing With His Daughter—And TikTok Just Found Its Newest Icon

Dad Goes Viral For Going Clubbing With His Daughter—And TikTok Just Found Its Newest Icon

Not all heroes wear capes.

Some rock khakis, a button-up and vest while partying it up with their daughter in the club.

TikTok's latest hero recently went viral thanks to TikToker daughter, Talia (@taliasc). While on a family vacation in one of the party capitals of the world—Madrid, Spain—Talia recorded video evidence some fathers can still get down with the youth of today by joining their kids at a nightclub.

And based on Talia's TikToks, her father knows how to party with the best of them.


flash warning!!! @taliascdad iconic to say the least #madrid #espana #spain #clubbing #nightlife #dadsoftiktok

Talia's dad can be seen sporting a classic button-up shirt, a set of glasses to help him take in all the sights of the evening, and a gilet vest to help complete the outfit. Talia recorded her father's antics throughout the night, capturing some iconic moments.

Those moments included her father surveying the new environment upon entry into the club as part of the "classic dad overview" as well as taking a memorable father-daughter selfie to drop in the family group chat.

Whether it was his impressive sense of style or his power stance, Talia's father's antics over the course of the night garnered him a truly supportive fanbase.





In the video, Talia's father can be seen throwing back his Diet Coke while the rest of the entourage opted for tequila shots.

Another section of the video highlights her dad's impressive ability to multitask as he answers work emails with one hand and proudly fist pumps to the beat of the music with the other. All in all, it would appear as though the evening was extremely productive for both Talia and her father.

Talia has dubbed the father-daughter turn up to the club as “iconic to say the least” and it would appear many people are inclined to agree with that assessment.

The viral TikTok has racked up over 10 million views, 2 million likes and nearly 13,000 comments.




Not one to be outdone, Talia's mom had her moment to shine in a later video Talia posted which features her mom back at the scene of the crime where her dad became an overnight TikTok sensation.

The video features Talia's mom shooting back tequila and living it up in Madrid.

Talia summarized her mom's video as "to make the other moms jealous of her youthful lifestyle.”


Reply to @taliasc FLASH WARNING if u saw my family at f*cking mondays last night... yes you did #madrid #espana #spain #momsoftiktok #studyabroad


After watching these videos there's only one thing left to ask.

How does one get an invite for the next family vacation because we all want in on the action.