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Michael Cohen Regrets Not Smacking Trump For Calling His 15-Year-Old Daughter A 'Piece Of A**'

MANDEL NGAN/Getty Images; JIM WATSON/Getty Images

Michael Cohen, former lawyer to Donald Trump, continues to reveal the many regrets he collected while working for the future President.

In a recent interview on The View, Joy Behar asked Cohen about an incident Samantha Cohen, his daughter, recounted to Vanity Fair.

Samantha Cohen told the story of how, when she was 15, Donald Trump noticed her walking off of a tennis court and said to her father:

"Look at that piece of a** ... I would love some of that."

Cohen then informed Trump that the girl in question was his daughter, but Trump seemed unconcerned, saying:

"That's your daughter? When did she get so hot?"

Behar asked Cohen:

"Why didn't you sock him in the face at that moment? How could you let that slide?"

Cohen responded:

"Well, I wouldn't have liked to have said it, I would have liked to have smacked him across the side of the head. I never would have allowed anybody to speak to or about my daughter in such a disrespectful way."
"I did just because, you know, as so many people would say, let Trump be Trump, and that's the problem."

Cohen was appearing on The View to promote his new book, "Disloyal: A Memoir: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump."

The former Trump lawyer hopes his book will "get people to open up their eyes and to see the individual for who he really is."