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CNN Pundit Perfectly Trolls Male Candidates By Joking That The Recent Debate Proved They're 'Too Emotional' To Be President

Anderson Cooper 360/YouTube

On a panel with Anderson Cooper, Van Jones and Gloria Borger, CNN commentator Jess McIntosh called the Democratic presidential candidate's debate in Charleston, South Carolina was "difficult and chaotic and frustrating."

Later on Twitter, McIntosh added another take on the evening's events.

She posted in regard to the conduct of most of the male candidates:

"Sure their teams were all telling them this was their moment and they had to shout, but we know this debate just proved men are too emotional to be president."

People appreciated the old stereotype about women being turned on its head.

Some said it was strictly a cultural misunderstanding.

Although some quickly pointed out that not every man in the debate yelled as a tactic.

You can see more of McIntosh's remarks here.

While some think a stiff upper lip is the way to go, not everyone agrees.

In September 2019, CNN's Chris Cillizza analyzed some of the most famous tears from politicians through history and made the argument for more, not less, emotions in Washington.