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Clash Between Trump Supporters And Protesters At Cincinnati Rally Gets Physical As Crowd Chants 'USA!'

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In Cincinnati, Ohio, President Donald Trump gave his first rally since the racist "send her back" chants from his supporters against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) shocked Americans across the country.

While Thursday night's crowd didn't call for the deportation of American citizens this time, they made it perfectly clear that reminding Trump of immigrants' contributions to the United States.

As Trump lambasted Democrats for supposedly caring more about undocumented immigrants than their constituents, protestors brandished a sign that read "Immigrants built America."

A belligerent Trump supporter soon snatched the sign out of his hand. It was soon replaced by another sign which read "Chinga la Migra," which loosely translates to "F*ck ICE."

While protestors are often swiftly removed from Trump's rallies, these protestors managed to stop the speech for nearly four minutes.

Watch below:

As security attempted to escort the protestors out, one Trump supporter confronted them with taunts and physical aggression. The two parties yelled at each other, with the protestors flipping jeering supporters the bird.

It's well-documented how Trump rallies frequently become violent when dissidents make their presence known. Trump himself often gleefully promotes the violence.

Knowing this, many commended the protestors for their bravery.

By the way, what happened to Trump's supporters fighting for free speech?

Got it.

After the racist chants of his last rally, Trump insisted that there was "no racial tension" in the United States, and he's right.

There's absolutely no racial tension between White people.

Just violence.

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