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PHOTOS: Candy Cane Pizza Makes Internet Nauseous for Christmas

PHOTOS: Candy Cane Pizza Makes Internet Nauseous for Christmas

The tree is trimmed and adorned, the stockings are hung, and something is in the oven. But it's not gingerbread. Christmas season may be in high gear, but the festivities are getting out of control with this experiment. Culinary creativity went south when photos of a Christmas-inspired pizza emerged on the Internet, forcing people to have a sudden appreciation for fruitcake instead.

For the record, this is not how the Italians celebrate Christmas.

Twitter's @toxicsmore shared her "Reason #261863 why I love the holidays," by posting photos of a new breed of seasonal offerings that would leave your stomach churning.

Where else would you put a candy cane if there's no room left on the tree? Why, on a pizza, of course. Lots and lots of them - after the cheese has been piled on.

The first photo shows the pizza in its "before" state. Miniature Santas are nestled among this Wonderland of yuck.

Next, she shared the "after" pic. Wouldn't it pair well with eggnogg?

The Santas may have survived the heat, but the candy canes all morphed into a cartoonish pile of intestines. This Christmas pizza could only accomplish one thing: To freshen your pizza breath, and that's assuming you had the fortitude to take a bite.

"Don’t compare this to pineapples on pizza, that’s just nasty," @toxicsmore quipped. Pineapple lovers defended the tropical fruit, with comments like, "Pineapple on pizza is good, that holiday mess looks like vomit" and "Your opinion of pineapple has no relevance. It is good. Your palate is stupid."

To each their own.

The pizza offended the Internet.

The severe offense warranted proper handling by authorities.

Two ingredients were dishonored in this attempt, placing the cook on the naughty list.

You know how people say something is sinfully delicious? Well, this pizza was nothing but pure sin.

Someone didn't have a problem with the peppermint pizzetti going to waste.

However, there ws one user who endorsed the audacious creation because of its use of candy canes.

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