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Internet Mourns After Woman's Nearly Four-Year-Long Cheez-It Prank On Her Dad Is Ruined By Brother-In-Law


After four years of a prank going very well, wouldn't you be devastated when someone pulled the plug on it?

That must be exactly how Twitter user @_sarasmithhh felt when her brother-in-law ruined the prank for her.

She started it out in 2015...

Expecting it would take no longer than a day...

But then one day became ten...

Ten became more...

It lasted through rearranged furniture.

Through a move-out.

But it unfortunately met its end 1410 days later, on October 6, 2019, when @_sarasmithhh's brother-in-law "spoiled it" and mentioned the Cheez-It to her dad.

We later found out the cracker got so stale that it just crumbled and fell off the tack.

But still, the internet is pretty upset with the aforementioned brother-in-law for spoiling it for everybody.

Way to go.

Who just ruins someone's four-year-long prank/experiment?

Jerk move.

Major jerk move.

RIP Cheez-It.

You played an important role in this family's dynamic, and you paid the ultimate price for it.

No updates have come about whether or not the brother-in-law has been effectively canceled, but we are hoping for swift justice on this case.

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