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Brock Turner Assault Survivor Chanel Miller Describes Her Reaction To That Incredibly Lenient Sentence

Brock Turner Assault Survivor Chanel Miller Describes Her Reaction To That Incredibly Lenient Sentence
60 Minutes/CBS

When Stanford rapist Brock Turner was given a lenient sentence by Judge Aaron Persky—citing how punishing Turner for his choice to rape an unconscious woman would negatively impact his life—people around the world were stunned and outraged.

But no one knew how the young woman Turner attacked felt.

Until now.

During his trial for five felonies—two of which were dropped by the prosecution due to a technicality in California law—the woman Turner chose to attack was identified as only Emily Doe.

But three years after the trial that convicted Turner of three felonies and Judge Persky's stated concerns for Turner's college swimming career, Emily Doe broke her silence and revealed her real name—Chanel Miller.

Miller decided to share her side of the events of the night Turner chose to assault her as well as the aftermath.

While Miller was anonymous for years, her victim impact statement—which goes into determining sentencing—went viral shortly after the sentence for Turner's three felony convictions—6 months in a county jail instead of a prison—made international headlines. Turner would end up serving only 3 months.

For the first time, people heard Miller read her statement on 60 Minutes.

Chanel Miller/60

They also heard about the process of writing those powerful words that moved so many people around the world, but failed to move Persky or Brock Turner's father.

Dan Turner, the man who raised Brock, stated that any punishment for his son's crimes was a "steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life."

Chanel Miller/60

People also got to finally hear how Miller felt about the sentence of 6 months in county jail that Turner received for choosing to commit sexual assault.

Like many, Miller was stunned by the inequality and privilege displayed by Persky's sentence.

The lenient sentence would prompt California lawmakers to close loopholes in their laws regarding rape. It would also lead to Aaron Persky being recalled by California voters.

The former judge's choice to focus on the swimming career and potential for success for Brock Turner over his crimes and the woman he raped made him a social pariah that no parent wants near their children, causing him to lose his most recent job as a girl's tennis coach.

Meanwhile after her years of silence, Miller is reclaiming her name and her identity.

Chanel Miller/60

Miller also spoke of the two Swedish grad students who stopped Turner during his assault on her, chased Turner and held him for police.

Miller had the opportunity to formally meet them as part of her interview with 60 Minutes.

Chanel Miller/60

Miller also offered an indictment of the way rape trials are handled.

Chanel Miller/60

Now, to help herself and others heal as well as educate the public, Miller has written a memoir of her experiences—Know My Name, available here.

Brock Turner served just 3 months in a county jail for his 3 felonies. He attempted to appeal his convictions, arguing that the area he attacked Miller was mischaracterized as "behind a dumpster" instead of the 3-sided structure that houses a dumpster where he actually assaulted Miller.

Turner's appeal was denied.


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