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Celebrities Come Out In Full Force Against Trump's 'Heartless' Response To California Wildfires

Celebrities Come Out In Full Force Against Trump's 'Heartless' Response To California Wildfires
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Fires currently raging through California have done milions of dollars worth of damage, scorched countless acres of land, cost the lives of tons of animals and several people, and left a staggering number of people homeless. Relief efforts are pouring in from across the nation. People are mobilizing to try and lend a hand wherever they can. It's a crisis that's receiving worldwide attention.

The magnitude of the fires and relief efforts aren't the only thing getting attention around the world. Trump's tweet regarding the situation has people furious. Trump's tweet didn't show any sign of remorse or concern for the people or wildlife of California. Nope, not even the "thoughts and prayers" kind. What it did show was a lack of empathy, a staggering ability to victim-blame, a lack of understanding of what's going on or how forest management works, and a bottom line concern for money over everything else.

Here's the tweet.

People called him out with record speed.

It's one thing for the average citizen to call him out, they're not in the public eye and don't normally risk anything by speaking out against him. This tweet was so outrageous, though, that celebs - even some who are normally pretty quiet on the political front - came out in droves to stand up against his response. Even Richard Marx got mad... like... we didn't know that this level of anger was possible from the king of 80's soft rock.

So. Not. Having. It.

Trump threatened to pull federal funding over these fires, but apparently didn't realize that he had already done that. Over 90% of the land that has been burning is federally owned land - so the state of California has nothing to do with managing it. The baseless threat showed that Trump didn't bother to do any research into what was going on before spouting off about it, and that his main concern is money, not lives. Celebs understood that Trump isn't a fan of educating himself on these things and has been known to actively avoid "facts" and "data" because they're boring.

It's okay, they know he loves social media, so they took the time to offer up some education in a way they thought he might grasp. Celebs are feeling "helpful" that way lately.

Even officials and experts are over it. One went so far as to dismiss Trump's tweets as "inane and uninformed."

Do you think Trump's statement was accurate or appropriate? Are you as angry as these celebs and experts are? Sound off!

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