On Tuesday night, the Alabama State Senate passed the nation's most restrictive abortion law, effectively banning abortion in all but a minuscule sliver of cases.

Any doctor who performs an abortion (at any stage of pregnancy) will receive a minimum of 10 years in prison. The bill contains no exceptions for rape or incest and will now proceed to the desk of Governor Kay Ivey (R).

Even if she decides to sign it, however, the bill will most likely be challenged in court, eventually working its way to the Supreme Court where the new conservative majority will decide whether or not to overturn Roe v. Wade (the bill's actual intention).

Celebrities everywhere are speaking out against the blow to women's rights.

Notable public figures from all walks of life made it clear Alabama's bill was a direct affront to women's civil liberties.

Many called on their followers to donate to causes like the Yellow Fund!

Knowing what we now know, it's hard to imagine Alabama's new law having anything but evil intentions.

This trend will only get worse unless we vote to stop it.

Nobody wants these abortion laws.

These celebrities are calling it like it is.

Laws like the ones passed in Alabama and Georgia are unconstitutional. Let your voice be heard and stop them from going any further!

Sony Pictures Entertainment/YouTube, @marshlands/Twitter

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