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Viral Video Sparks Debate After Wedding Catering Staff Show What They Do With Leftover Cake

Viral Video Sparks Debate After Wedding Catering Staff Show What They Do With Leftover Cake

You can't always have your cake and eat it too... unless you're part of the catering staff.

A TikTok went viral after a caterer posted a video showing what happens behind the scenes to leftover wedding cake from a couple's most memorable day.

The video sparked some serious debate.


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In the nine second video posted by @justinerosegargan, two caterers in the kitchen had some good-natured fun when a third voice was heard off camera saying:

"Erica bite off the cake."
"Right off the cake."

To many viewers' shock "Erica" did, biting off a sizable chunk directly from the wedding cake.

The antics of these caterers created a major divide in the comments, with many TikTokers weighing in.





The video racked up almost 3 million views, over 67,000 likes, and nearly 600 comments.

Text overlay in the video read:

"This what happens to your leftover wedding cake."

Another portion of text read:

"But did we get fired?"

While many TikTok comments voiced strong disagreement with the caterers' behavior, others argued it made perfect sense to eat the leftover cake if everyone at the event had already been served.






People defending the actions in the video argued weddings are expensive and leftovers are inevitable.

To help minimize clean up, giving the catering staff leftover food, cake, beverages and even alcohol is a great alternative to throwing out the remaining food and drink which also doubles as a way of saying thank you to the catering staff for their hard work.

Others maintained doing something like this is essentially stealing from the bride and groom since they paid for the cake.


Maybe the phrase "Sharing is caring" isn't applicable in every situation, but in this instance many are rallying behind the saying, "Let them eat cake."

Which side of the aisle are you on?