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Guy Autotunes His Cat Meowing In Viral Video, And It's Freaking Out Other People's Cats

Twitter user @Joabaldwin may have just changed the music game forever. After posting a video of his own cat's autotuned meows to Twitter, the footage has gone viral, with over 165k favorites and 66k shares!

Modern technology is truly capable of miracles...

Twitter wanted to listen to the autotuned feline all day!

Other cats, hearing the sound of the video, FLIPPED OUT.

Other social media users wanted to give it a shot themselves.

The video left many hoping for even more autotuned meows!

Fortunately, @jobaldwin didn't disappoint them!

At the end of the day, there was only one user unhappy with Joaquin's pop-star cat.

But, on the whole, it was a very successful musical debut! Well done, Elton, keep up the good meows.