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Jim Carrey Rips 'Spineless' Oscars Attendees For Giving Will Smith A Standing Ovation: 'I Was Sickened'

Jim Carrey Rips 'Spineless' Oscars Attendees For Giving Will Smith A Standing Ovation: 'I Was Sickened'
Lia Toby/WireImage/Getty Images; Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Joining a cast of celebrity opinions going viral, actor Jim Carrey vocalized harsh criticism of Will Smith's Oscars slap in an interview with CBS Mornings co-host Gayle King on Monday.

Controversy surrounding Smith has taken center stage in the world of social media after he slapped Chris Rock across the face for making a joke about Smith's wife Jada Pinkett-Smith during Sunday's Academy Award ceremony.

Carrey said he was "sickened" by the events, calling Hollywood "spineless" for giving Smith a standing ovation after he won his first Oscar—Best Actor for his role in King Richard—just moments after the incident.

He continued:

"I would've announced this morning that I was suing Will for $200 million dollars because that video is going to be there forever."
"It's going to be ubiquitous."
"If you want to yell from the audience and disapprove or show a disapproval on Twitter or whatever ... you do not have the right to just walk up on stage and smack someone in the face because they said words"

You can watch the video of the interview below:

Some people agreed with Carrey.

One person opined:

"Jim Carrey hits the nail on the head here."
"What Will Smith did overshadowed every other Oscar winner something these people worked for their whole career."
"I think that’s the saddest thing in this situation and it became the Will show!"

Another person wrote:

"Jim Carrey with best take on Will Smith."
"Incredible that he was given award and an ovation after assaulting the host and raining on the parade of all the other winners."
"I know there’s no protocol for such incidents but still."

This viewer tweeted:

"Jim Carrey is 100% correct."
"Everybody at the Oscars including the producers and the security they're all a bunch of cowards!!!"
"Will Smith should have been escorted off the property immediately."
"Physical violence is unacceptable."

Carrey added Smith's conduct was "selfish."

He continued:

"It cast a pall over everybody's shining moment last night."
"A lot of people worked really hard to get to that place and to have their moment in the sun and to get their award for the really hard work they did."
"It was just a selfish moment that cast a pall over the whole thing."

Viewers are calling Carrey brave for speaking out about the event.

However some people strongly disagreed.

In response, Twitter users resurfaced a video of Carrey forcing a kiss Alicia Silverstone during the MTV Movie Awards in 1997. He approached the stage to receive an award when he grabbed Silverstone's face and kissed her.

You can watch the clip below:

Viewers found Carrey's opinion hypocritical in light of his past conduct at award shows.

One person tweeted:

"Jim Carrey tried to French kiss Will Smith at the MTV movie awards and he kissed Alicia Silverstone without her consent at the same award show."
"So he assaulted two people in one night and nobody said a word. He should be minding his own business."

Jim Carrey is getting dragged online alongside Zoë Kravitz and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who also spoke out against Smith's actions.

Call it brave or call it hypocritical, there are certainly lots of opinions.