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Cardi B Drags Bernie Sanders' Fingernails As Looking 'Very Quarantine' During Instagram Live Chat

Could there be anything rapper Cardi B and Senator Bernie Sanders disagree on?

It turns out the answer is yes: nail care.

Cardi B has been a vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders since the beginning of his campaign and they occasionally spoke about issues during the primary to spread awareness among young people.

After Bernie announced he'll be leaving the race and endorsing competitor Joe Biden, however, Cardi's love for him has not waned and in fact they decided to keep their friendship going!

During an Instagram Live session, Cardi B welcomed Bernie onto her stream to talk about the world!

Perhaps the most adorable moment of the pair's time together was Bernie asking Cardi how his nails look. She jokingly told him they looked "very quarantine."

But there was no shortage of memorable exchanges between the two.

Not only was their conversation entertaining, it also managed to teach viewers about why politics can be so important!

Cardi and Bernie's wholesome friendship got many people through another day of social distancing.

Cardi is definitely disappointed that Bernie isn't going to be President.

But both Bernie and Cardi made it clear that the best course of action is to vote for Joe Biden in November.

Even world famous musicians like Cardi B know the importance of talking politics from time to time.

If you're stuck inside like Bernie, be sure to follow Cardi's advice and keep those nails looking good! You never know when you might get the chance to show them off online.