Following House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam's Schiff's observation that the White House is obstructing justice by refusing to cooperate with the House's impeachment inquiry, Republican Congressmen Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan were approached for an interview by the press.

In their comments, Matt Gaetz described Congress' proceedings in such a way that certainly made it seem like he thought the term "kangaroo court" originated on the children's show Captain Kangaroo.

He commented to reporters:

"What we see in this impeachment is a kangaroo court, and Chairman Schiff is acting like a malicious Captain Kangaroo."

The digs came hard and fast on Twitter.

Whenever Republicans try to defend President Trump's indefensible behavior, they end up saying something silly.

Though Jim Jordan was quiet in this clip, that's probably for the best considering things he's said in the past.

Republicans can't be in a great position if their best and brightest can only bring this to the table.

Trump literally tweeted out evidence of the crimes he's been accused of.

And yet...

Some people thought Gaetz was playing dumb.

But it seemed just as likely to people that he's actually dumb.

Hopefully voters remember this all-star interview when the 2020 elections arrive.

The book Growing Up Happy: Captain Kangaroo Tells Yesterday's Children How to Nuture Their Own by Bob "Captain Kangaroo" Keeshan is available here.


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