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After The Trailer For 'Candyman' Dropped, Jordan Peele Is Getting Flack For Ruining Everyone's Favorite Classic Songs

The trailer for Candyman, the newest movie from Jordan Peele's Monkey Paw Studios just dropped online and everyone's talking about it.

Among the many terrifying aspects of the remake's trailer is their choice to use Destiny Child's "Say My Name," as its theme song.

No one has every felt that song was particularly creepy...until now.

People on Twitter were a little bit angry that Peele had ruined yet another R&B favorite.

Others pointed out quickly that, though Peele is a producer on the film, it was actually directed by Nia DaCosta, so she should be getting credit for most choices.

Meanwhile, most were too terrified by the trailer to think rationally.

Hopefully the movie lives up to the promise of the song.

The internet begged Monkey Paw to stop turning the things they love so scary.

You'll never listen to Destiny's Child the same way again...

By the time Peele and DaCosta are finished, there will be nothing pure and happy left.

We'll see you all in the theater for Candyman, though you won't catch us listening to any 90's music on the way there!

The original Candyman [Collector's Edition] is available here.