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Candace Owens Sparks Outrage After Saying She'll Beat Her Grandkids If They Come Out As Trans

The right-wing mouthpiece said she'd whack her grandkids with a cane if they tried to come out to her as trans on an episode of her 'Daily Wire' podcast.

Screenshot of Candace Owens on her podcast
The Daily Wire

Speaking on a February 16 episode of her Daily Wire podcast, right-wing commentator Candace Owens said she would beat her hypothetical grandkids with a cane if they came out to her as transgender.

Owens discussed the "funny" story of a transgender teen named Mike who was rejected by his grandmother. Owens further dehumanized Mike by using she/her pronouns, assuming the teen’s gender assigned at birth is female.

Owens gloated that Mike "cries because she’s told her grandma that she’s transitioning and that she wants her grandmother to start calling her ‘Michael,' adding that Mike's "sweet little grandma said that she’s not gonna do that.”

She proceeded to call Mike "mentally ill" and said that “there’s no rejection here” because the grandmother, in a letter to her grandchild, said she is “spending time with Jesus in adoration” because of her “concern” for Mike's soul.

A smiling Owens then praised the grandmother and explained what she would do if her own grandchildren came out as transgender:

“You’re the best grandma ever, by the way. Because when I’m grandma, I get any foolishness like that, I don’t know."
"I wanna be a sweet grandma, I really do, I wanna be a sweet old lady, but I feel like I may be the kind to hit somebody with a cane, I don’t know, I’d be like ‘Hey you want me to call you Michael?’ P-shew. That would probably be me.”

You can hear what Owens said in the video below.

Owens' remarks sparked immediate outrage online.

Owens has a long history of making transphobic statements.

In 2017, Owens stated she was in favor of banning transgender individuals who are undergoing sex reassignment surgery from serving in the United States military, but said that she did not oppose fully transitioned transgender individuals serving in the military.

Last year, she falsely promoted the conspiracy theory that a mass shooter at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas could be transgender and baselessly said that he was "cross-dressing." Owens claimed this could be evidence the shooter "was mentally disturbed."

Also last year, she claimed a series of shootings in Memphis were spurred by the fight for transgender equality and "celebrating mental illness" by encouraging others to 'mutilate their bodies."