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Anti-Gov't Activist Dragged After Filing To Run For Idaho Gov. Despite Being Banned From State Capitol

Anti-Gov't Activist Dragged After Filing To Run For Idaho Gov. Despite Being Banned From State Capitol
ROB KERR/AFP via Getty Images

Ammon Bundy, a far-right activist in Idaho who claims to despise the government and is legally banned from the state's Capitol grounds, has filed the necessary paperwork to run as a Republican candidate for governor in 2022.

On Monday, Bundy told NBC News he has not made a formal announcement of his gubernatorial run but is planning on building his team.

"The people of Idaho are very freedom-minded. I had never desired (to run for office), but I knew as early as 2017 that I would run for governor of Idaho."

But it appears Bundy may need to refile his paperwork since he was not a registered voter in Idaho.


According to the Idaho Secretary of State's Office, Bundy filed as a Republican with an Emmett, Idaho P.O. box address and listed himself as treasurer for his campaign. He will need to refile since the treasurer must be a registered voter and there is no "Ammon Bundy" listed as a voter in the state.

You can see local news coverage here:

Filing paperwork in the state is necessary so potential candidates can begin fundraising.

The deadline to file is March 1, 2022.

The anti-government activist was arrested twice in Boise earlier this month and taken to Ada County Jail on a misdemeanor trespassing charge, according to Idaho State Police spokesperson Lynn Hightower.

"As I understand, he was not cooperative (with police)," said Hightower.

His bail was set at $300.

Two hours later, a state trooper spotted Bundy on the third floor of the building, and he was arrested a second time that day for being uncooperative.

He was taken into custody again on a misdemeanor trespassing charge and also for misdemeanor resisting or obstructing, according to the Idaho Statesman.

The double arrests on the same day were his fourth and fifth arrests in nine months—with four of those involving the state Capitol.

Bundy had been issued a no-trespassing notice for the Idaho Statehouse for one year, which was enacted on August 26 after he refused to leave a committee room after a hearing ended inside the building.

Bundy is notorious for a 41-day armed standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in a remote area of Oregon to protest being asked to pay to use federal land for grazing.

People had plenty to articulate on Twitter about the prospect of Governor Ammon Bundy.

The current Idaho Governor, Republican Brad Little, had been unsuccessfully targeted for recall by anti-government activists who complained about his shutdown mandates during the pandemic.

According to KTVB 7, Bundy is joined by Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin, the incumbent Governor, and four others who have filed for the 2022 GOP gubernatorial primary.