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Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Both Just Tweeted The Same Odd Picture—And 'Breaking Bad' Fans Are Losing It

Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Both Just Tweeted The Same Odd Picture—And 'Breaking Bad' Fans Are Losing It
Breaking Bad/AMC, @huckleburied_/Twitter

Ever since the news broke late last year that a Breaking Bad movie was in the works, fans have been waiting for any details or clues as to what the film could be about.

There's been no shortage of speculation and theories, with many believing the movie to take place after the events of the series, which ended in 2013.

**If you haven't seen the acclaimed AMC series, turn back now because #spoilers may lie ahead.**


Assuming that these rumors are true, it would basically exclude Bryan Cranston from participating since his character, Walter White, supposedly didn't live past the series finale.

But both Cranston and Aaron Paul, who plays Cranston's trusty apprentice/business partner of sorts, Jesse Pinkman, ramped up speculation to a fever pitch on Tuesday after they both tweeted out the same cryptic image of two donkeys.


But what could it all mean??

Well, a few things for starters.

The fact that Cranston even tweeted at all lends some credence to the theory that he does, in fact, appear in the film.

But in what capacity, we're not exactly sure.

Fans have some guesses, though.

Another popular theory is that we might get more Walt and Jesse on our TVs, in the form of some sort of guest appearance on AMC's Breaking Bad spinoff prequel Better Call Saul.

Both Cranston and Paul have expressed interest in appearing on the show in the past, so it's definitely not out of the realm of possibility.

For all we know, the tweets are about an unrelated project that the two actors are both appearing in.

However, Breaking Bad writer and Better Call Saul showrunner Peter Gould responded to the tweet with a "looking forward to this," so that kind of speaks for itself.

But what about those donkeys?

Well, Breaking Bad is about drugs, so...


But I like this theory better.

Twitter certainly had a field day with it all.

With the details of the film being kept closely under wraps, it's doubtful we'll hear anything that confirms or denies any of the speculation.

But at least we have the assurance that something is coming "soon."

In the meantime, the complete series of Breaking Bad is available here.

So for now, we patiently wait.

Well, as patiently as can be expected.