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Georgia GOP Governor Slammed For Using Nonexistent 'AIDS Vaccine' Mandate To Criticize Biden

Georgia GOP Governor Slammed For Using Nonexistent 'AIDS Vaccine' Mandate To Criticize Biden
Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp has made headlines for bringing up the "AIDS vaccine" mandate to criticize President Joe Biden's efforts to curb the Covid-19 pandemic.

The problem: There is no vaccine for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Kemp made the remarks during a recent appearance on right-wing commentator Erick Erickson's podcast, during which he stressed that he will not sign off on any vaccine mandates.

You can hear Kemp's remarks in the video below.

VERIFY: Gov. Kemp claimed mandating a non-existent AIDS vaccine didn't

According to Kemp, a "focus on being civil and educating people" about the Covid-19 vaccines is the way to control the ongoing pandemic.

"That is basically how the AIDS vaccine worked. People wouldn't take it early on because it was mandated, they started educating people and now it is doing a lot of good out there."
"Same scenario, different year that we are dealing with right now."

This isn't the first time Kemp has raised the subject of a nonexistent AIDS vaccine

In remarks last month, Kemp cited the failures of the nonexistent AIDS vaccine as reason enough to oppose a statewide mask mandate:

"Well we are not going to have a statewide mask mandate. [Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Health Dr. Kathleen] Tumi and I believe that they do not work."
"They did not work with the AIDS vaccine and they're not going to work with the corona vaccine."

But he's lying., a website maintained by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), notes there "is currently no vaccine available that will prevent HIV infection or treat those who have it."

Kemp's comments come as Georgia continues to face one of the worst Covid-19 outbreaks in the nation. Deaths have risen nearly 1,000% since August 1.

Both of these things are even more egregious when you consider that Kemp heads the state that is home to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Kemp has been harshly criticized for his comments as well as his inaction.

Although vaccine mandates have become the hot topic in conservative circles, the majority of Americans agree with them and with President Biden's Covid-19 vaccination requirements.

According to a recent Axios-Ipsos poll, more than half of Americans—60%—support mandates, an indication public health mandates are viewed as a proven way to gain control of a pandemic.