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Woman Discovers Her Boyfriend Is Cheating On Her Thanks To An Awkward Live Photo Fail

Woman Discovers Her Boyfriend Is Cheating On Her Thanks To An Awkward Live Photo Fail

A new viral TikTok video showed how one man's attempt at romance ended up unraveling to divulge his infidelity.

The video, posted by TikToker Serena Kerrigan, showed it all hinged on a live photo—a feature where iPhone records 1.5 seconds before and after a snapped photo.

Often, live photos are the source of hilarity. They capture a group of people candidly prepping for the posed picture or maybe even an unexpected event just after the picture is taken.

This live photo, however, showed Kerrigan's man was cheating on her.

As the TikTok revealed, Kerrigan's boo took the photo in a hotel room. He attempted to take a picture of a stuffed animal sitting on the hotel bed and send it to Kerrigan.

But the additional 1.5 seconds of the live photo showed a woman plop herself on the very same bed. Needless to say, Kerrigan's boyfriend must not have realized what went down because he sent the photo to her.


@serenakerrigan Looks like you have some company 👀
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TikTokers who saw the video had all sorts of commentary to offer.

Many were simply shocked Kerrigan's boyfriend could be mindless enough to send the smoking gun.


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Brooke Styles/TikTok

Others enjoyed imagining the likely excuses Kerrigan was sure to be receiving.


Zoey W/TikTok



And a few even learned a thing or two from watching the video.








The TikTok video adds itself to plenty of others that have featured women exposing the ways cheating men have accidentally come clean about the whole thing, all thanks to their technological buffoonery.