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Boebert Roasted After Failing At Basic Geography With Meme About Where 'My Taxes Should Go'

The GOP Rep. seemed to forget about certain states and U.S. territories.

Lauren Boebert
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert perhaps should have paid more attention to basic U.S. Geography.

The far-right Congresswoman–a vocal gun rights activist and conspiracy theorist–was brutally ridiculed after tweeting a meme with an inaccurate representation of the U.S. map.

On Wednesday, Boebert wrote in the tweet caption:

"Sometimes a meme says it best."

The accompanying image depicted a version of the earth that was entirely ocean except for a lone continent suggesting it was a portion of North America.

Here is the world according to Lauren Boebert.

The overlaid text read:

“Map showing the only place my taxes should go to."

However, her declaration fell flat as she failed to realize how U.S. spending overseas can mutually benefit the nation and other countries.

Not only did she completely fail to comprehend the mutual benefits of U.S. spending overseas, she also left out a huge population of Americans from her misguided proposition.

Nowhere to be found in the image were the rest of the country–including Alaska, Hawaii, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Also notably missing were U.S. territories and Freely Associated states like the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, to name a few.

Boebert's foreign policy legacy includes advocating for the former Republican President Donald Trump's Mexican border wall and being one of 14 House Republicans to oppose the majority passing measure that condemned the Myanmar coup d'état.

In response to her meme, she was slammed online for her limited worldview.

Twitter uusers also had questions.

Twitter also shared their observations on the GOP Representative's knowledge.

Users agreed with her statement that memes say it best.


One thing was made certain about the allocation of federal tax revenue.

And another user had a special message for the younger generation.

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